Lauren Boebert involved in physical fight with ex-husband in Colorado restaurant

Author: Christopher Wiggins

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, are the subjects of an investigation after a physical fight between the two on Saturday evening.

Following this altercation, Jayson Boebert called the police, alleging that he was a victim of domestic violence, according to The Daily Beast. In response, Lauren Boebert also contacted the police, denying any domestic violence and expressing her willingness to speak with an officer at the restaurant. Although the police arrived at the scene, they did not arrest anyone. The congresswoman was then reportedly driven home by a friend.

Silt Police Chief Mike Kite confirmed the incident and investigation in a conversation with The Advocate.

“We were called to the Minor’s Claim restaurant in town, and it involved Lauren and her ex-husband,” Kite said. Kite explained that his department is seeking additional witnesses and that investigators are reviewing videos.

In August 2022, neighbors in Garfield County called 911 over concerns about Jayson Boebert’s behavior, including allegations of driving under the influence and damaging property. Additionally, their children were accused of speeding in the neighborhood, leading to a confrontation. No charges were filed, and the incident was resolved among the involved parties.

Lauren Boebert was caught in a compromising position during a family-friendly musical production of Beetlejuice in Denver at a packed theater in September. Security camera footage showed Lauren Boebert and her companion, Quinn Gallagher, being disruptive, vaping, and engaging in public sexual behavior, leading to their removal from the theater. At first, Lauren Boebert and aides denied that she had been disruptive and vaped in the theater but later admitted to some bad behavior, blaming it on stress and her recent divorce. However, she did not address the mutual fondling caught on camera.

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Lauren Boebert recently announced her decision to run for reelection in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, switching from the 3rd District, where she has held office since 2021. This move has been widely viewed as an attempt to avoid challenging reelection odds in the 3rd District, where she faced notable challenges from Republican and Democratic opponents. In the 2022 midterms, Boebert narrowly defeated Democrat Adam Frisch by fewer than 600 votes.

Lauren Boebert cited her “personal life” as one of the main reasons behind her decision to switch districts, referring to her divorce in May 2023, The Durango Heraldreports. She described the move as a “fresh start” and claimed it was the right decision for her and her supporters. Critics and opponents have been vocal about this decision, with some accusing her of trying to evade tough competition and questioning her commitment to her constituents.

The Advocate contacted a spokesperson for Lauren Boebert but did not immediately hear back.

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Author: Christopher Wiggins

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