Juan Pablo Di Pace Releases Sensual LGBTQ+ Love Song ‘Te Sentí’

Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist

Actor, musician, and dancer Juan Pablo Di Pace has released his first Spanish song, “Te Sentí,” a love letter to his heritage and to his identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. The star of this holiday season’s charming gay Christmas flick Dashing in December recorded the song for his EP Vascular, due out later this year. 
Di Pace wrote “Te Sentí” with Latin Grammy winner Paulina Aguirre.  
“It needed to have music that spoke to an international audience. ‘Te Sentí’ is a love letter to my Spanish roots and the flamenco sounds that get under your skin pretty deep,” Di Pace says in a release.
“It’s important for me to showcase a strong musical style and stories that are honest and truthful to whatever is going on in my life at the time…” he says. “With ‘Te Sentí,’ I was inspired by the feeling of losing someone, and that immobilizing pain you feel when you know it just cannot be.” 
In the video for “Te Sentí,” Di Pace tells an inclusive story of love and desire.
“I consider myself a storyteller first, in fact, whether I am directing, singing or acting, it is always about the story first… And this video is definitely my ode to those who simply live in the grey areas in matters of the heart,” he says.
Watch the gorgeous video below. 
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Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist


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