Janelle Monáe, Miriam Margoyles, Rina Sawayama Cover British Vogue’s Pride Issue

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Pride and Joy

British Vogue

“The more I am free in my thinking and living outside of the binary, I’m on a constant discovery of who I can be. I can hold space for a lot of different things at the same time.”

“I never had any shame about being gay or anything really. I knew it wasn’t criminal because it was me. I couldn’t be criminal.”

“Because [pansexual is] a new-ish term, people are still coming to grips with what it exactly means – but if I’m attracted to you, then that’s it, really.”

“The fact that the LGBTQ+ community – my community – is uplifting me is such a privilege,” […] “When the Last of Us first came out, I was like “Everyone just call me “she”, because I look like a “she” to you, so it’s fine. But now I’m able to vocalise it more; being called ‘they’ is the most truthful thing for me. That’s who I am the most.”

“As far as I have found, being visible as a nonbinary person is the only meaning I can see in having a public profile,” […] “My hope is that the more trans people and gender nonconforming people that are visible in this industry, the more hopeful young people in the community will feel about the opportunities available to them.”

“I never really started fancying girls until I started working… Then I fell in love with one. Being in the LGBTQ+ community feels very normalised.”

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Author: Editors


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