Homophobe Matt Gaetz Seeks Democratic Alliance to Oust McCarthy Amid Shutdown Drama: Report

Author: Christopher Wiggins

Amidst the shadow of an impending government shutdown, Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is quietly rallying support among some House Democrats to unseat Speaker Kevin McCarthy. This cross-party maneuver unfolds as the Congress faces a ticking clock, heightening the existing partisan tensions.

A staunch conservative with an extensive anti-LGBTQ+ record, Gaetz has initiated private discussions with several Democrats, hinting at a potential vote of no confidence against McCarthy if he allies with Democrats to thwart the looming shutdown.

This development was reported by Politico, which highlighted the dialogue between Gaetz and Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington.

In their conversation, Jayapal reportedly told Gaetz that progressives “are not planning to save McCarthy — for many reasons,” urging him to hold off any move against the Speaker until the shutdown crisis is navigated. The shutdown is set to commence a little after midnight Sunday, drawing lawmakers’ focus across the aisle.

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Politico’s report further noted that Jayapal wasn’t the only Democrat Gaetz reached out to. He also spoke with Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern, a pivotal figure on the House Rules Committee, and Texas Rep. Greg Casar, a whip for the progressive group. Despite these engagements, Gaetz refuted the claims of fostering an ouster bid, labeling them as “false,” and emphasized his aim to derail a short-term spending bill slated for a vote on Friday, a strategy spearheaded by McCarthy.

These unfolding dynamics are predicted to trigger resentment among GOP members, who view Gaetz’s outreach across the aisle as hypocritical, particularly when condemning McCarthy for similar bipartisan attempts. Rep. Mike Lawler, a New York Republican, openly chastised Gaetz, calling him a “charlatan” seeking to undermine the GOP majority and McCarthy for self-centered political motives.

An anonymous McCarthy-aligned Republican expressed frustration with Gaetz advocating for his removal. This Republican harbored hope that the ongoing House Ethics Committee’s investigation into Gaetz would yield a resolution enabling the party to act decisively against him, Politico reported.

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Author: Christopher Wiggins

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