Hannah Gadsby’s New Netflix Show Is ‘Something Special’

Author: Trudy Ring

Netflix has released the trailer for Hannah Gadsby’s next comedy special, titled Hannah Gadsby: Something Special, which will premiere globally May 9.

In the trailer, the queer comedian promises, “This will be a feel-good show,” then says, “Or is it?” Gadsby then assures the audience that it will be a feel-good special — as a matter of fact, it will be a romantic comedy, as they recently got married to Jenney Shamash, the director of the program.

“We tell couples stories now,” Gadsby says, although the two of them often see the same event differently.

Gadsby’s previous Netflix specials have dealt with fairly heavy subject matter. Their first, Nanette, from 2018, was a takedown of misogyny and homophobia. It went on to win a Peabody Award and a Primetime Emmy Award. The follow-up, Douglas, from 2020, was nominated for two Primetime Emmy awards and won an AACTA Award. It dealt with autism (with which Gadsby had been diagnosed), aging, and the transphobia of J.K. Rowling, among other issues.

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special was filmed last fall at the Sydney Opera House. In addition to a discussion of Gadsby and Shamash’s wedding, it covers traumatic encounters with rabbits and much more.

“Just for the next hour, we’re going to feel good together and then we can head back out there and be the mass extinction event that we are,” they say in the trailer.

Gadsby announced plans for further Netflix specials last year, even though the performer had publicly criticized the streaming giant for invoking their name to indicate Netflix’s commitment to diversity — after the company was blasted for giving a platform to Dave Chappelle’s transphobia.

Watch the trailer to find out why Gadsby couldn’t propose to Shamash on bended knee (it’s also why Gadsby doesn’t have sex with men, the comic says).

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Author: Trudy Ring


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