Greece to legalize same-sex marriage after opposition agrees to support it

Author: Ryan Adamczeski

Greece’s government is slated to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption after the country’s left-wing political party withdrew its opposition.ERT, adding, “We won’t change the law on assisted parenthood. The idea of women who are turned into child-producing machines on demand … that is not going to happen.”

Of the Holy Synod, which previously suggested LGBTQ+ parental rights are a gateway to society’s collapse, Mitsotakis added: “it is the state that legislates, it doesn’t co-legislate with the church.”

Same-sex unions were first legalized in Greece in 2015. The full government proposal is expected to be released within the next few days, after which it will take weeks to get approval from parliament.

Pictured: Stefanos Kasselakis and his husband

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Author: Ryan Adamczeski

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