‘Good Kisser’ Is a Perfect Sexy Lesbian Movie to Spice Up Your Summer

Let’s face it. Even for the diehard optimist, staying at home has grown pretty stale by now. One way to add spice into one’s life without having to leave your abode is by checking out the sexy, modern tale of lesbian polyamory, Good Kisser, now streaming on Netflix.
The film centers on a young lesbian couple who invite a third woman into their relationship — and their bed. Of course, as chemistry and emotions mount, so do the complications.
The Advocate recently spoke with two of the queer women behind the project, filmmaker Wendy Jo Carlton (Easy Abby, Jamie and Jessie are Not Together) and star Rachel Paulson (and yes, there is a relation — she’s Sarah’s little sis). 
Carlton says she first discovered Paulson when she was making funny videos for SheWired (a sister site of The Advocate) and was immediately impressed by her humorous personality. (Just check out some her Drink Responsibly videos on YouTube and you’ll see why.)
“When I’m writing something…I need to picture the physicality, how someone walks and how they talk and different personality ticks, so that helps me kind of literally flesh them out on the page,” says Carlton on how she develops her characters. “And I think after I saw Rachel, I was already working on Good Kisser. I had like the first 20 pages done. She read the first 10, I think.”
And what about all that chemistry? Paulson reflects on meeting and working with her costars, and how she handles filming some of the movie’s steamiest scenes with co-stars Kari Alison Hodge and Julie Eringer.
“So, we did a chemistry read beforehand,” she says. “I’d already been cast and I was given the opportunity to read with a bunch of different versions of Mia and Jenna with different actors that they were bringing in. And the coolest thing about it, I think, for me was — which has only happened in one other thing that I’ve ever done — is they reached out to me and were like, ‘Hey, what did you think? What are you feeling in terms of the other two actors?’ And I thought it was really cool that they asked me that, and it was hands down those two girls in those two roles, for me anyway.”
“And then I think the second thing that was really cool as we went, when we got to Seattle the first night, we all went out together,” Paulson continues. “We went out into the bars and drank, and I think that really solidified for us this friendship that all three of us were kind of forming — and I think it was really important when we started shooting that stuff, because then we were laughing hysterically and we were making each other feel really comfortable.”
Carlton says that in her films, she’s very interested in exploring the realities and complications of queer female sexuality — and dispelling myths and misconceptions around it.
“I think the nutshell would be that it’s exactly why I wanted to write that story and that storyline as a scenario and a premise because we’re not seeing that in movies” says Carlton. “To me it’s about freedom and choice and individual exploration, and I wanted it to be also pro-sexuality in general and variations of attractions, and expressing that and not having shame cloak around polyamory.”
While Paulson says she’s had experience in polyamory (albeit, a bit limited), Carlton says she has not — but explains that’s not the point of the film.
“I mean, I’ve been attracted to multiple women at the same time in life just as you meet people, right? It doesn’t mean you’re sleeping with them necessarily or have a sexual scenario, but I wanted to give a nod to that too, just…being human and attracted to people.”
Good Kisser premiered this week on Netflix, and is also available for rent or purchase or most major streaming services. Watch a clip from the film below:
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Author: Desirée Guerrero


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