‘Girl Night Stand’ Has Queer Women Finding Connection Amid Distancing

From Jenna Laurenzo, director, writer, and star of the beloved film Lez Bomb, comes Girl Night Stand: Chapter Two, a short film that reflects the times. And the trailer is out now.
The official synopsis for the film that drops February 5 reads, “A woman craving connection during Covid reaches out to her ex-girlfriend. When she’s invited over, they awkwardly navigate whether or not they’re willing to drop their masks to reignite their romance.”
Girl Night Stand: Chapter Two takes the idea for Laurenzo’s 2015 short Girl Night Stand: Chapter One, which featured a woman questioning her sexual identity after a hookup with a woman and updates it for the very different world of today.
Laurenzo, wrote, directed, and starred in the new Girl Night Stand: Chapter Two under safe COVID protocols this past year.
“In order to shoot during the pandemic, we had to keep it to a skeleton crew. The benefit of both acting and directing is it allows me to fill two roles as one person,” Laurenzo told The Advocate. “I wanted to create something that I could release directly online in the spirit of creating something for the fans of the original Girl Night Stand. This past year was tough and felt very heavy. I wanted to create a piece of content that felt uplifting and hopeful of better days ahead.”
The new short stars Laurenzo as Katie and Meryl Jones Williams as Sarah, reprising their characters from the 2015 Girl Night Stand.
Watch the trailer below. And watch for the short film on February 5.
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Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist


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