Georgia Church’s ‘God Loves Trans Kids’ Sign Vandalized

Author: Trudy Ring

Vandals recently defaced a pro-transgender sign at an LGBTQ-supportive church in Atlanta.

The Church at Ponce & Highland had put “God Loves Trans Kids” on its sign board, at a time when this population is under attack, with numerous states banning or restricting gender-affirming care for trans youth, including Georgia. Last Friday or early Saturday, someone blocked out “God” with spray paint and substituted “pedos,” short for “pedophiles,” TV station WAGA reports.

“Sad that this is a part of the conversation in our culture that people feel the need to react with such ugly messages,” the Rev. Mimi Walker, senior pastor of the church, told the station. “It’s offensive.”

“We believe God loves all people,” she said. “In particular, God loves the LGBTQ community and trans community who are not seeing that love in all places in our culture.”

On its website, the church bills itself as “a multiracial, pro-LGBTQ, economically diverse, member-led Atlanta church devoted to radical inclusivity, thoughtful spirituality, and caring community.”

The church has restored the sign to its original message and reported the matter to police. Walker said this was the church’s first encounter with vandalism, although it has had its Pride flag stolen at times.

“We’ll continue to keep putting out our message of love for all people,” she said. “That power that we have is to keep putting out the positive messages that here is a safe place. We are going to stay true to our commitment to care for those around us. There are people in communities who support them and love them and know that God loves them as well.”

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Author: Trudy Ring


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