Gay Club Celebrates Dolly Parton’s Vaccine With 50-Foot Mural

Author: Daniel Reynolds

The LGBTQ+ world rejoiced upon hearing the news of Dolly Parton’s COVID-19 vaccination — and one gay club created a colorful commemoration.
Strut, a gay club in Costa Mesa, Calif., commissioned a 50-by-20-foot mural depicting an angelic likeness of the gay icon, who is swathed in white garb, tall blond hair, blossoming flowers, and fluttering doves.
Luke Nero, CEO of the Orange County establishment, commissioned the ethereal artwork after news broke last year that Parton had donated $1 million toward the development of a vaccine. She received her first dose Tuesday and, in true Parton fashion, sang a spoof of “Jolene,” called “Vaccine,” to encourage others to follow suit.

“Not only is she an icon in the queer community and beyond, but she is truly a model of inclusivity,” Nero told The Orange County Register. “It’s my hope that our mural will add positivity and a sense of togetherness … while recognizing the contribution of frontline workers.”
Nero, whose club is currently shuttered due to COVID-19 restrictions, hope the mural becomes a “symbol of hope for better times ahead.” Artist David Gilmore said he aimed to create a “glamourous” and “spiritual” likeness of Parton. The unveiling is scheduled March 13.
A Facebook announcement of the unveiling revealed that the mural will be dedicated to all frontline workers in the pandemic. “Dolly Parton is love and light. She is the very best of humanity. This is the least we could do,” the statement read.

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Author: Daniel Reynolds


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