Fox’s ‘Accused’ Features a Heartfelt Drag Queen Storyline

Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist

The new Fox anthology series, Accused, from Homeland and 24’s Howard Gordon, examines those on trial for crimes not from the point of view of the law or the legal system but from the accused. In the next episode, airing February 21, Tony and Emmy winner Billy Porter directs actor and drag performer J. Harrison Ghee in an episode entitled “Robyn’s Story,” about a drag performer whose relationship with a closeted queer man leads her to be suspected of a crime.

Ghee, currently starring on Broadway as Daphne in Some Like it Hot, plays the empathetic Robyn with heart and verve, showing off their drag prowess in a couple of performance scenes set in a drag club. Beyond the scenes where Robyn shines as a drag performer, Porter takes his time in moments where Robyn and her boyfriend Jamie (Chris Coy) explore tenderness and intimacy in an episode that leans into themes around toxic masculinity and queer shame. As Porter pointed out in a panel discussion at West Hollywood’s The Abbey earlier this month, the Fox show will air in homes all over the country including in “middle America.” The packed episode also sees Robyn out of their drag persona as Kevin in their job as an ESL teacher. A poignant scene in the courtroom touches on police violence against Black queer bodies.

While the episode brims with topical stories, it also leans into Black queer joy, something mainstream audiences rarely get to see.

Accused premiered on January 23 to smash ratings. It was the “highest-rated and most-watched debuts across broadcast or cable in the last three years (excluding the 2021 Super Bowl lead-in, which helped earn CBS’ The Equalizer more than 20M viewers),” according to Deadline.

“Robyn’s Story” airs February 21 on Fox.

Watch an exclusive clip below.

Accused | Robyn Banks Fierce Performance On

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Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist


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