For Families in the South Struggling to Find Gender-Affirming Care, Small Grants Make a Huge Difference

Author: Orion Rummler

Originally published by The 19thWalmart, Walgreens, CVS, and a mom-and-pop store. Finn’s doctor keeps transferring the prescription, and pharmacies keep refusing. there are exceptions for several nearby Southern states — Louisiana’s ban does not go into effect until January, and Arkansas’ care ban has been blocked by a judge — Freeman has still been unable to find health care for her son. Others try to get back-and-forth doctor’s appointments across state lines, which require hours-long car trips taken monthly or every few months, depending on how many check-ups their medication requires. has distributed roughly 350 similar grants of $500 to families of trans youth living in Southern states. But some families are using the money to move to other states to find health care. But the family doesn’t have friends or family in Nevada and the move has already cost $50,000, a price tag that she expects to keep climbing. But Aryn Kavanaugh’s kids still can’t access their care. Last December, her kids’ care was interrupted. The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) started canceling the family’s doctor’s appointments. Her son was receiving testosterone as part of his transition and her daughter was being prescribed puberty suppressants.somegender-affirming clothes for Parker and Grey.They are required to see a therapist in order to get gender-affirming care — so that’s another mandatory expense. They will have to make the drive to Columbia every six monthsfor the kids to get routine blood tests done and to get refills on their prescriptions. Kavanaughs are a dual-income home, but part of why they moved to South Carolina in the first place was for a lower cost of living. Aryn teaches 10th grade English, and her husband works in real estate. Ian Giles, founder and executive director of Genderbands, said that the nonprofit’s mission has become more critical than ever.

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Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Orion Rummler

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