Folk Uke’s hilarious new love song to each other ‘Gay for You’ has a twist ending

Author: Ryan Adamczeski

Folk Uke’s new track “Gay for You” isn’t your typical love song.

The anti-folk duo’s playful “bi-curious” anthem is not one dedicated to “undeserving men,” but instead dedicated to each other. The pair released the song Friday, just in time to celebrate Pride month in their own comedic way.

“We have lots of ideas when we are drinking!” Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson told PEOPLE. “One of our ideas was to get married to each other just so we wouldn’t accidentally marry men again.”

That idea led to the conception of the song, as the two thought “instead of writing love songs for undeserving men, maybe we should write love songs for each other.” Guthrie and Nelson then crafted the lyrics to explore themes of “expression, rejection, and acceptance.”

“Our twisted lives are bound by fate / I love you so much that I can’t see straight / But I’m telling you now because I just couldn’t wait / Cathy, I’m gay for you,” Nelson proclaims in the first verse.

Guthrie, daughter of folk musician Arlo Guthrie, began writing music with Nelson, daughter of country artist Willie Nelson, in 1996 while the two were working at a restaurant in San Diego, California. Their songs have been featured in movies and television shows like Super Troopers II and Orange Is the New Black, and the pair has also performed on Saturday Night Live.

“I waited around for men to call / and you were there throughout it all / Now I’ve seen more balls than a dancing hall / but Cathy, I’m gay for you,” Nelson’s confession continues.

Unfortunately, Guthrie has a “big bomb” to drop in her response. Listen to the song below to find out what she says to Nelson.

GAY FOR YOU (Official Lyric Video) by FOLK UKE

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Author: Ryan Adamczeski

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