flowerkid Sings About His Envy and Hatred of Men in ‘miss andry’

flowerkid’s new single, “miss andry” is more complicated than simply being about a general hatred of men. Throughout the song, the 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Sydney repeats, “I never hated you, I don’t even hate them, I just hate myself.” Combined with the distorted piano and stirring voice, it’s a chorus that sticks with you long after the song is over. 
Flynn Sant, who sings under the moniker flowerkid and is trans, says, “I had to tackle the feeling of: I hate these boys and these men that have been in my life so much. Why do I envy them though?” 
“When I made the song, I was terrified because it was so truthful. It was so raw. It was like ripping myself open for everyone to see. There’s this whole new level of anger to it that I don’t necessarily like to show,” he explains.
miss andry, flowerkid’s label debut, is propelled by the confronting lyrics that were a trademark of his breakthrough singles “Late Night Therapy” and “Boy With The Windfields and the Wild Heart.” His music speaks to the insecurities all people face, and the more specific his lyrics get (“I’m just weak and miserable and only five foot three. How do I compare?”), the more relatable they feel. 
“I will always feel this inadequacy with any cisgender man,” flowerkid says, “But when I made this song, I needed to regroup and basically take responsibility. I’d say, you know, ‘It isn’t healthy to be thinking these things. I feel this way because of the events that happened in my life and childhood trauma I’ve experienced. But it’s not an excuse to hate all men’.”
“miss andry” by flowerkid is out now. 
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Author: Jeffrey Masters


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