Environmental Impact of K-Cups

We had considered the “single cup” Keurig coffee makers, and then a couple of things occurred to us:

  1. We didn’t know what was in them
  2. K-Cups are not recyclable!  Keurig talks about their K-Cups and non-recyclability
  3. If a typical can of coffee makes about 100 cups (guess), we compared that to 100 cups of Keurig coffee = 100 non-recyclable plastic cups.  Interesting view on that, which talks about Green Mountain – the company that purchased Keurig

There’s some talk “out there” about possibly refilling them with your own coffee via a “filter”.  Also there’s some company at that sells “caps” for them.

Might be better that way, though I don’t know if there is actual “coffee” inside, or a syrup, or what?




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