Ellen DeGeneres Promotes ‘Tylenol Gay’ to Fight LGBTQ+ Headaches

Author: Daniel Reynolds

Have frequent headaches? You’re not alone. A 2020 survey published in JAMA Neurology has shown that gay, lesbian, and bisexual people are 58 percent more likely to get headaches than their straight counterparts. 
To counter this epidemic, Ellen DeGeneres pitched a new (fake) medication: Tylenol Gay.
“You know I love being gay, but I can’t stand the headaches,” the lesbian talk show host declared in a recent segment. “Seems like any time I want to go to brunch or build a shelf my head starts hurting. Luckily I found something that helps: Tylenol Gay. It’s the only over-the-counter medicine designed specifically for gay headaches.”
“Before you know it, your gay headache is gone and you can get back to all the gay things you love,” DeGeneres promised in the fake public service announcement.
The bit ended with a warning that gender-reveal party hosts as well as cargo-short and socks-with-sandals wearers should avoid Tylenol Gay.
Although DeGeneres is poking fun at the findings, migraines can actually be very serious: Pre-pandemic, they accounted for one-fifth of visits to emergency rooms. Marginalized people may be more prone to migraines due to minority stress, which is caused by stressors like stigma and discrimination.
Watch the fake PSA from The Ellen DeGeneres Show below.

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Author: Daniel Reynolds


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