Donald Trump Jr.’s ex-girlfriend claims she can prove that Ivanka Trump is a lesbian. Is it true?

The final Presidential debate, while much more civil then the prior one, still got opponents of President Donald Trump and his family worked up on Thursday.

One such person was Aubrey O’Day, known to most as an singer, reality show entertainer and member of the girl group Danity Kane. She’s also a former Celebrity Apprentice contestant – and the ex-girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., the President’s eldest son. She took to Twitter in a series of tweets about the First Family that made tidal waves online.

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O’Day commented on some of President Trump’s remarks in the debate, leading her to exclaim: “Since trump has now lowered this debate to trashing family…don jr HATES his father. ivanka is a lesbian on the low. eric f**ked miss universe on the apprentice board room table while with his now-wife,” concluding with the hashtag #Debates2020 and a GIF image, captioned “I Have the Receipts.”

A screenshot of a tweet by @AubreyODay reading:
A screenshot of Aubrey O’Day’s tweet calling Ivanka Trump “a lesbian on the low.” Screenshot

Other tweets went more into detail, such as a following tweet where O’Day wrote: “We need to stop discussing kids…because Ivanka is a lesbian, yet doesn’t support women’s rights in this administration that she RUNS on the low.” O’Day further commented on texts she claimed to have text messages of Donald Trump Jr. complaining about “what a sh*t a**hole” his 14-year old brother, Barron Trump, is.

All of those tweets were deleted, but (somewhat) less controversy-inducing tweets from Thursday night were left in their absence, such as O’Day’s claim that Trump repeatedly referred to Arsenio Hall – who won the season they competed on – as “one of my blacks.”

She also tweeted the theory that Trump contracted coronavirus due to an affair he’s having with aide Hope Hicks, and further that she has “so many receipts on all the ways [Donald Trump Jr.] hated his father.”

The entertainer began revealing last year in interviews and reality show episodes that she had an affair with the President’s son beginning in 2011, the year before her season of Celebrity Apprentice began airing. Trump Jr. was married to his now ex-wife, Vanessa, at the time.

“We both thought we were each other’s soulmates. It’s something we spoke about often,” she told People Magazine about the relationship.

O’Day herself has chosen not to label her sexual orientation. “I mean, half the time, I don’t even know who I’m gonna love or what I’m gonna feel comfortable exposing myself to,” she told MTV News in 2009 amidst rumors that she was going to come out as bisexual.

The entertainer has not commented on her specific claims from Thursday further, and the Trump family has also not responded. One person, however, does seem to believe there’s some credibility to O’Day’s remarks – former staff member of The Apprentice and standup comedian Noel Casler.

“What [O’Day] says is in keeping with what I observed of Trump clan, fyi,” he tweeted in regards to her comments, specifically tagging Ivanka’s Twitter account.

In an interview about his days specifically on Celebrity Apprentice, Casler described himself as “Ivanka Trump’s exclusive handler” in the show’s final three seasons. “That’s when the fun really began,” he told novelist and journalist Greg Olear.

When asked directly if her description of Ivanka’s sexuality is accurate, he replies that people should “find another term” to describe her with. “She is a sexual opportunist and had a lot of promiscuity before she stopped drinking. (Who didn’t?),” he concludes.

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