Details of Bridget Ziegler and her husband’s sex life prompt calls of hypocrisy by Florida newspapers

Author: Jacob Ogles

The latest revelations about the cavalier sex life of anti-LGBTQ politician Bridget Ziegler prompted a wave of critical punditry in Florida. Revelations she and husband Christian engaged in threesomes with other women prompted multiple media voices to note the boldness of her audacity.Ziegler recently pushed the board to pass a resolution resisting Biden administration directives extending Title IX protections to transgender students.

“Could Bridget Ziegler engage in sex with other women while also being opposed to giving transgender people visibility and rights? Sure,” the Miami Herald editorial reads. “But it’s how she has used her very public platform to demonize a group of people that puts into question how much she — and other politicians who jumped on the ‘parental rights’ wagon — truly believe their own cause.”

The editorial also calls out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for jumping on that bandwagon and pursuing anti-LGBTQ policies, but without labeling such actions as insincere or hypocritical.

But of note, both the Herald and Herald-Tribune disagree with calls for Bridget Ziegler to resign or be removed by the Governor.

“I certainly won’t back down from my belief that Ziegler shouldn’t leave, if only to spare us from giving DeSantis an opportunity to appoint yet another of the clueless dopes he has a habit of putting in positions they have no business holding – and who are almost always individuals demonstrably worse than the people they replace,” Brown wrote in the Herald-Tribune.

He delivers a harsh assessment saying the loss of credibility deserves not only scorn from believers in equality but “pity” for the School Board member.

“Come on, shouldn’t pity should be the prevailing emotion that all of us have in response to anything Ziegler does or says these days as an openly disgraced, fully discredited School Board member?” Brown wrote.

As for any political future, the Herald editorial suggests it may be a more important message for voters to fire Bridget Ziegler next time she appears on the ballot (in 2026).

“In a democracy, voters, not the governor, should decide the fate of her election office. Voters also should signal to the state’s Republican leaders that the vitriol and bigotry disguised as ‘parental rights’ has run its course in Florida,” the editorial reads.

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Author: Jacob Ogles

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