Dan Levy Wins Best Supporting Actor in Schitt’s Creek Emmys Sweep

Nominated for 15 Emmy Awards, Schitt’s Creek kicked off the virtual ceremony hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on Sunday with a massive sweep including one for out co-creator and star of the series, Dan Levy, for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.
Levy, who created the smash series with his father Eugene Levy, also won awards for writing in a comedy and directing a comedy. 
In its sixth and final seasons, Schitt’s Creek became a phenomenon. Over the years, Dan Levy’s fashion-forward, pansexual David Rose made his way into the hearts of viewers, and the response from Emmy voters is validation of that. David’s heartfelt queer love story and eventual onscreen wedding with his beloved Patrick (Noah Reid) was an LGBTQ+ event that became a collective experience for people while sheltering in place earlier this year.
By the time Dan Levy’s name was announced for the best supporting actor category, his TV mom Catherine O’Hara had won Best Actress in a Comedy for her portrayal of Moira, Eugene Levy (who plays the family patriarch Johnny Rose) had won for Best Actor in a Comedy, and Dan Levy had picked up his writing award and his directing award.
Elated with the win, Dan Levy, dressed to nines in a kilt and social distancing with masks with the Schitt’s Creek family stepped to the mic and said, “The internet is about to turn on me. I’m so sorry.”
In his third speech in a row for the night, he thanked his dad and O’Hara for giving him a “comedic master class.”
He also thanked Annie Murphy, who plays his TV sister Alexis. Following Levy’s win, Murphy picked up the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy.
In her speech, Murphy said she was proud to be a part of a show that’s about “love, kindness, inclusivity, and acceptance.
“Because those are things that we need more than ever right now,” Murphy said.

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Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist


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