Curious Lack of Story on Parade – CTV Morning

One of the things that I do when I notice something I feel is “wrong” is ask questions.

That’s all.

This is one of those occasions when this whole “discussion” shouldn’t even be happening.  It’s mostly just because of what I feel is an inappropriate response to a question I asked.

This past weekend Edmonton’s pride parades took place attracting approximately 45,000 people.  It was awesome!

That’s almost as much as one of the FIFA games that are currently taking place at Commonwealth Stadium.

Ever since city TV canceled Breakfast Television we have been watching CTV Morning.

As a viewer and an Edmontonian I noticed the curious lack of a video or story on the pride parade during their show.

So, I “asked a question”.

I asked it on Twitter and included the Twitter handle of Kimberly Wynn as well as CTV.

The question was, is it CTV corporate policy to not show Pride Parades?

Ms. Wynn’s response to me was “I don’t understand what you’re saying We’ve talked about it all morning”.

I had been watching the show all morning and didn’t see one story or video.  I mentioned that I must have missed it though I have been watching the entire show.  Sure, she had said a couple of times “the Pride Parade was great” or “there was a Pride Parade” but that’s it.  No Story.

Her response was “I guess so buddy”.

I’ve never had someone in a public media position like that show me the disrespect of calling me “buddy” instead of my name.

I am certain that CTV would like its employees to treat Canadian citizens with dignity and respect.  I used her official Twitter handle when referring to her, not some belittling term.

Curiously a complete absence of an actual story with video.

As my nose was a bit out of joint by being called “buddy” I mentioned my actual name is David.

I’m sure that it is not the policy of CTV to exclude stories involving LGBT people and causes.

I am, however curious about the total lack of an actual video news story on the Edmonton pride parade of 2015 on CTV Morning.

The pride parade is recognized as the single most highly attended parade annually in Edmonton – more so then K-Days or any other parade.  More than some of them combined.

And no story. I miss Breakfast Television.

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My name is David but my online nick almost everywhere is Altabear. I'm a web developer, graphic artist and outspoken human rights (and by extension, mens rights) advocate. Married to my gorgeous husband for 12 years, together for 25 and living with our partner of 4 years, in beautiful Edmonton, Canada.

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