Country Star Adam Mac Bows Out of Kentucky Festival After Homophobic Treatment

Author: Christopher Wiggins

A music festival in Kentucky has canceled a concert and fireworks after concerns that out performer Adam Mac, who was hired to perform, would be too gay.

The anticipated Grand Finale Concert at the Logan County KY Tobacco & Heritage Festival took an unexpected turn as Mac withdrew from his headlining spot amid concerns of local protests against his performance due to his sexuality. The festival organizers announced the concert cancellation on their Facebook page Thursday afternoon, citing unforeseen circumstances.

Adam Mac later took to TikTok to share his side of the story in a heartfelt video.

He began by saying, “Hi, good morning. This is not the video that I thought that I would be making today, but here we are. The last 24 hours have been a bit of a whirlwind.” Mac explained that the Chamber of Commerce for Russellville, where he is from, had announced earlier in the week that he would be headlining the annual Tobacco Festival.

He recounted a call from a board member who had organized his booking for the event but conveyed concerns from some board members and locals about the nature of his performance. Mac shared, “They wanted to ensure that I would not be promoting homosexuality or sexuality in a family-friendly environment.”

Undeterred initially, Mac expressed confusion over the concerns, stating, “I don’t really know what they expected I was going to do other than just come and put on a hell of a show like we do.”

However, the artist learned that some residents were very upset about having a gay person headline the festival, with plans to protest the event, a realization he found “just so disheartening.”

Mac said the decision to withdraw didn’t come quickly, explaining that he’d struggled with letting down supporters.

“It feels like I’m letting those people down. It also feels like if I don’t do the show, I’m caving and letting those people win.” Eventually, he decided the best move was to cancel the show to prevent controversy, which saddened him greatly.

The cancellation didn’t sit well with some community members. Mallory Keaton, a concerned parent, vented on the festival group’s Facebook page, “How do we get our money back if we want to withdraw our child from the pageant after the recent cancellation of the performer because of his sexuality. I’d rather not spend money or support an event which discriminates against sexuality.”

Amidst the disappointment, Mac redirected his fans to his upcoming performance in Nashville, promising a show filled with love and the essence of what he intended for the Russellville show, ending his video with a hopeful message.

“So yeah, love you guys. Sending you love. Hope to see you soon,” he said.

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Author: Christopher Wiggins

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