Child Rapper’s Viral Transphobic Song Shocks Audiences

Author: Christopher Wiggins

An 11-year-old boy is going viral for an incredibly transphobic song he and his father put out recently.

“I look around; I see a circus,” he says before using a slur to describe transgender people who, he raps, “are making me nervous, but I serve a big God, and I got a purpose. All of these demons will burn in the furnace.”

The rap continues, “Every day, a new gender. I post the truth to the youth, and you censor. It’s 2023, and still, there was only two genders. There’s only two genders. I quote the facts; he deleted you too tender. You two men. Y’all got to do better. I love the Bible, and it says there’s only two genders.”

The song has unfurled a spectrum of reactions on social media, carving out a microcosm of the broader social discourse on gender identity, freedom of expression, and the role of parental influence in shaping children’s views. While many users criticized the transphobic narrative and the apparent indoctrination by Toby’s father, who identifies as a “Christian Conservative Hip Hop artist,” others rallied behind Toby’s right to voice his opinions.

A gamut of responses from X users encapsulates the polarized nature of the discourse. One user’s sarcasticly retorted, “I’m homeschooled’ We can tell…”

Another user wrote, “Call child protective services.”

Further expressing disdain, a user quipped, “I’d rather burn in hell than listen to this,” showcasing the deep aversion some harbor towards the song’s derogatory message.

While TikTok appears to have removed the video from its platform due to violations of its terms, on X, the video remains up and has been viewed millions of times.

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Author: Christopher Wiggins

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