Charity Kase’s Demented Drag Is Perfect for Halloween

Creature and character designer Charity Kase is a London make-up and costume person who contacted us back in May to tell us how he was getting through the shutdown. The work and imagination he exhibits puts those of us who used the pandemic to gain 15 pounts to shame. He also has a great personal story (read his caption on the last portrait image.)Check out his Instagram for many more pieces of make-up art. Here is his great website with a wonderful gallery. Charity posed for and wrote all the captions for these photos. He shot many of them as well.
Day 93 #DailyDragTweety’s little skull shattered with ease, crushed like a yellow fluffy Malteser. He would tweet no more.#LooneyTunes #sylvesterthecatUsed: @mehronuk @mehronmakeup paradise paints in black and white, stage blood, tooth paint@givefacecos prismatic pallet,@hudabeauty duo eyeliner#dragmonster
Sylvester chomped on Tweety’s little fluffy yellow head, his fanged incisors covered in sticky, hard earned blood.#tweety #tweetypieUsed: @mehronuk cream blend stick in black and white, paradise paints in dark red@grimasofficial body paint in yellow, fake blood, blood paste, latex, mastix, cream makeup pallet@hudabeauty flawless bake powder; all over body highlighter and brush, glow coco mist,@colourpopcosmetics jelly highlighter, sailor moon pallet, eyeliner,@givefacecos matte pigments, visage and prismatic pallet,#dragmonster #looneytunes #cosplay #sfxmakeup #cartoondrag

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Author: Christopher Harrity


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