Britney Spears says she has ‘no idea’ who Pete Davidson is and move over, Mariah

Author: Nola Ojomu

Britney Spears hilariously pulled a Mariah Carey after admitting that she has no clue who Pete Davidson or Scott Disick are.

Pete Davidson’s star has risen higher than ever thanks to his relationship with Kim Kardashian – and ongoing feud with her ex Kanye West – however, Britney seems to have missed the headlines.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday (22 March), Britney shared a clip filmed by Davidson, which saw him enjoying a weekend away with Kardashian’s former brother-in-law Disick.

The Crossroads star wrote: “Sorry had to report this…no idea who these people in the video are but it made me laugh so hard.”

Britney Spears fans ‘obsessed’ with her not knowing who Pete Davidson is

Britney’s admission immediately tickled fans as one wrote: “If Britney Spears really doesn’t know who Pete Davidson and Scott Disick are, then baby, she truly IS free.”

“Obsessed with Britney Spears not knowing who Pete Davidson is,” another added. “She really has found peace.”

One fan commented: “I died. Imagine Scott Disick and Pete thinking they made it in life only to find out Britney Spears has no idea who they are. lmaoooo d-list celebs.”

Many also referenced Keke Palmer’s iconically meme’d reaction after she failed to recognise former US vice president Dick Cheney.

“Pete Davidson could be walking down the street and Britney Spears wouldn’t know a thing,” one fan joked.

Sorry to these men.

Britney took a brief hiatus from Instagram earlier this month, shortly after lifting the lid on the ordeal of her Las Vegas residency.

As she returned to Vegas as a tourist, she said she was treated like a “puppet” while her family were given the “star treatment”.

“The only thing I’ve known when I used to go to Vegas was a hour-long meet and greet with 40 people every night, getting the worst pics of me and then a two-hour show!” she wrote.

“Let’s just say this time visiting it gave me a whole new perspective on what it means to live!”

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Author: Nola Ojomu


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