Hate influencer Chaya Raichik rages at Disney & Kleenex for celebrating Pride eight months ago

Author: Molly Sprayregen

Right-wing extremist Chaya Raichik is outraged that Disney and Kleenex partnered to celebrate Thailand’s Pride. Only she’s a little slow on the uptake this time. Thailand Pride took place back in June 2023, a full eight months before Raichik decided to share her disdain on her Libs of Tik Tok social media account.

“Imagine being so oppressed and marginalized that you get your own special tissues dedicated to you!” Raichik ranted.

A few weeks later, another conservative outlet expressed their anger at the long-finished partnership. The conservative Independent Journal Bulletin used Raichik’s post as a launching pad to express its own anger over the Pride tissues. “Satan wants evil to be normalized, and this agenda is evil,” the article declared.

It also blasted Disney for seeming “to constantly believe it needs to be involved with the LGBT crowd.”

Raichik’s anger is far from limited to massive corporations. She regularly makes untrue and inflammatory claims against the LGBTQ+ community, and her posts have been linked to bomb threats at schools and hospitals across the country.

A recent NBC News piece identified 21 instances since November 2020 in which schools or other institutions called out by Libs of TikTok for pushing “woke” ideology subsequently endured bomb threats. An additional 12 institutions targeted by Raichik experienced other forms of what Ingram refers to as “violent intimidation.”

Other reports have found an even greater number of connections between the places Raichik posts about and the threats that follow.

Media Matters documented 33 instances of threats and harassment directed at 25 different institutions after Libs of TikTok targeted them between February 2022 and October 2023. 

Raichik has claimed that she is merely sharing information and can’t control how her social media followers respond to her posts. However, her account regularly echoes right-wing claims of LGBTQ+ people and allies “indoctrinating,” ”grooming,” and “sexualizing” kids — rhetoric that leads to violence against queer people and their allies. Her bio on X once proudly touted her being labeled as a “stochastic terrorist,” a person who uses mass media to provoke random acts of ideologically motivated violence.

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Author: Molly Sprayregen

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