Bouncer at Gay Bar Charged With Murder for Punching Guest

Author: Alex Cooper

Police have charged a bouncer at a Philadelphia gay bar in connection with the death of a patron at the bar whoe had been kicked out for being too intoxicated.

The bouncer has been charged with third-degree murder after he allegedly punched 41-year-old Eric Pope outside the gay sports bar Tabu, the Associated Press reports.

Deputy Police Commissioner Ben Naish shared with reporters Wednesday that an arrest warrant had been issued and that the suspect would be detained shortly. Authorities later identified the suspect as 24-year-old Kenneth Frye of Philadelphia.

“It’s disturbing anytime there’s an unprovoked attack,” said Naish, according to the news wire.

Police told local TV station WTXF earlier this week that a security video from April 16 shows Eric Pope, 41, being escorted out of Tabu at about 1 a.m. Authorities said Pope was intoxicated. While he was outside the bar, police said, a bouncer punched him and he was knocked to the ground.  

Pope died of his injuries last Saturday.

A reporter with the outlet, Kelly Rule, shared footage of the attack on Twitter.

(Editor’s note: The following video may be difficult for some to watch.)

An owner of Tabu said, “The bouncer involved was not an employee of Tabu and the incident in question did not occur on our property,” according to CBS affiliate KYW. The owner added that management called 911 as soon as they learned about what happened.

Pope’s family told WTXF that he was from Washington, D.C., and had been visiting friends in Philadelphia.

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Author: Alex Cooper


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