Anti-LGBTQ+ Preacher Creates GODtribe Social for Straight White Men

Author: Rachel Shatto

Anti-LGBTQ+ hate preacher Rick Wiles has announced that he’s launching the social media platform of your racist, homophobic uncle’s dreams: GODtribe. 

The right-wing pundit, TruNews host, and conspiracy theory peddler told his audience last week that he intends to debut the site on an upcoming episode of the program. His intent: to create a safe place where straight white Christian men can congregate and feel safe from being “feminized, criticized, or called racist.”

“Because especially here in America, a lot of young men feel like they’re under attack, and they are under attack,” he explained. “The culture warriors in this country are breaking down traditions, morals, family structure, they’ve been doing this for decades. They are aiming their guns at young men. They want to feminize them. They want to demonize them. They want to criminalize them. They want to, you know, depress them, so that they will not act like the men that God created them to be.”

Of course, Wiles also took the opportunity to further disparage the transgender community. “Certainly people my age, we’ve never imagined a society where people question their gender,” he said. “It’s like, it’s very obvious what your gender is, OK?”

But on GODtribe, white cis men will finally get the affirmation they’ve so long been denied. “Where do you young men turn to be affirmed in their identity as a male? A straight male living for Christ in a pagan world? Where do they go right now?” asked Wiles. 

Wiles says he has the answer, and that is GODtribe, a social media platform where they can discuss “hunting, fishing, and fixing cars.” Also, Wiles says this site is going to be the antidote to the forces of the Antichrist, who have “worked quietly for decades to infiltrate every aspect of American society and to rot it,” he said. “Just absolutely rot it. … This is the antidote.” 

Wiles shared a mockup for the site, which includes a “campfires” feature, since, as he explains, straight white Christian men just love campfires. “What do men like to do when they go camping? They start a fire, they sit around the campfire, and they talk. So we started a digital campfire.”

These campfires are part of an audio chat feature that functions similarly to Clubhouse; however, according to Wiles, “Clubhouse … is built on a platform owned by a company in China, which means that all of your audio chats are in a server in China.” 

Clubhouse is actually owned by a California-based company, Alpha Exploration Co. So, in other words, not China, which has actually blocked the app. 

For those looking to log on to GODtribe, you’ll have to wait until “late summer, early fall, September-ish, October-ish,” said Wiles. 

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Author: Rachel Shatto


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