Aladdin’s Jafar Comes Out (on SNL), Calls Out ‘Evil’ DeSantis

Author: Neal Broverman

Jafar, the queer-coded villain of Disney’s 1994’s animated smash Aladdin, made an appearance on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live to highlight another “evil” baddie: Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

Played by SNL’s out star player Bowen Yang, Jafar told “Weekend Update” co-host Michael Che that DeSantis’s efforts to attack Disney World after its parent company came out against his “don’t say gay” bill are fruitless (so to speak). Jafar said Disney is already as queer as can be, with 40-year-old gay men in braces clogging up Grindr while strolling the amusement park’s Main Street. “That carpet has flown,” Jafar said.

Che then surmised that Jafar himself was gay. “Did my John Waters ‘stache not tip you off?” Jafar retorted. The villain also stated that there are no shortage of LGBTQ+ characters in the Disney canon: “Ursula is a lesbian, Scar is bi, and Mulan just got top surgery,” he said.

Jafar closed by calling DeSantis a “swamp rat,” needling him for being outsmarted by the House of Mouse. If “there is no gay, there is no Disney.” Then, Jafar, pulled his final punch, reminding the viewers that DeSantis, of all people, got married at Disney World. Watch the hilarious skit below.

Weekend Update: Jafar on Ron DeSantis ‘ Attacks on Disney –

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Author: Neal Broverman


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