Abbi Jacobson Engaged to Girlfriend Jodi Balfour

Author: Alex Cooper

Abbi Jacobson has a couple of things to celebrate. Not only is her co-created show A League of Their Own hitting Amazon Prime Video in less than a week, but she’s also revealed that she’s engaged to her girlfriend, actor Jodi Balfour.

The Broad City alum and Emmy Award nominee confirmed the news to People at a recent screening of the 30th anniversary of the original film the new show is based on.

D’Arcy Carden, Jacobson’s friend of 15 years as well as her costar in the series, said, “It’s out. It’s great. We’re so happy. We love [Jodi].”

“Abbi’s engaged! Abbi’s engaged! Abbi’s engaged!” A League of Their Own’s Chanté Adams exclaimed, according to People. “We’ve had to hide it for … No, I’m kidding.”

Jacobson, 38, responded, blushing, “No, you have not. You have not had to hide it. That was not a thing. It was not a secret.”

The newly-engaged couple walked the red carpet together for the first time at the Los Angeles premiere of the series on Thursday.

Last fall, Jacobson posted on Instagram that she and Balfour, 35, had been together for a year and were celebrating their anniversary.

“One year with this incredible human. Don’t know how I got so lucky,” Jacobson said in her post, showing her kissing Balfour on the cheek.

“365 days of the best surprise of my life,” Balfour posted on her own page, showing the couple kissing.

Jacobson rose to fame as one of the creators and stars of Comedy Central’s popular show Broad City. She came out as bisexual back in 2018.

Queer fans probably recognize South African actress Balfour from her starring role in the Canadian show Bomb Girls where she played heiress Gladys Witham. The show, which also starred iconic lesbian actress Ali Liebert, followed a group of women working at a munitions factory in Canada during World War II. She also appeared as Jackie Kennedy in The Crown. Balfour will also be part of Ted Lasso’s next season.

Jacobson also spoke about the importance of sharing the experiences of queer women in the 1940s, People reports. She specifically talked about having Maybelle Blair, a player for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League on which the film and new series are based on, as a consultant for the show.

At 95, Blair came out at the Tribeca Film Festival in June.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for these young girl ball players to come [to] realize that they’re not alone, and you don’t have to hide,” Blair shared. “I hid for 75, 85 years and this is actually basically the first time I’ve ever come out.”

“So much research went into it,” Jacobson said. “But Maybelle’s point of view, specifically on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League experience, what that was like to play baseball at the time, what it was like to be a queer woman in the league, was pretty important for some of the stories we were telling.”

The actor continued: “But at Tribeca, she had not come out publicly and that was so incredible. And don’t you feel like it’s like, ’95!’ I’m like, ‘This show needs to come out.’ She came out because we made this show.”

A League of Their Own premieres on Amazon Prime Video on August 12.

Watch the trailer below.

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Author: Alex Cooper


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