Aaron Carter to Strip Down for Performance in Gay Musical Revue

Author: Alex Cooper

Singer and former child star Aaron Carter has joined the Las Vegas production of Naked Boys Singing!Variety has reported.

The singer will strip down for the role. The outlet describes Naked Boys Singing! — produced by Tom D’Angora and Nick Padgett — as a “campy 60-minute gay musical revue in which the all-male cast perform in their birthday suits.”

Carter came out as bisexual in 2017 in a Twitter post but later said the post was misconstrued.

The show’s website says it has “a bevy of gorgeous and talented men, and no clothes – a winning combination if ever there was one!”

Carter is used to showing his fans his full self through his NSFW OnlyFans account.

“I think the naked body is a beautiful thing,” Carter told Variety. “We were all born naked. I love doing OnlyFans. I’ve been an OnlyFans model for over a year now, and people are very uplifting. They make you feel attractive and good about yourself. I love that social media platform more than any other platform. It’s not about the money. It’s about the fans.”

Besides performing in the show — and on OnlyFans — Carter has started a cannabis business, reported The Cut. Additionally, he and his fiancée, Melanie Martin, are also expecting a baby.

Carter strips down for Naked Boys beginning on Sept. 8 at the Jewel Box Theatre.

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Author: Alex Cooper


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