44 Famous Gay Dads for Father’s Day

Colm O’Gorman, the executive director of Amnesty International Ireland, and spouse Paul are raising their children to be activists. In 2015, his teenage daughter, Safia, read an open letter she had written about her dads on television in the lead-up to the referendum on same-sex marriage in the nation.”My dads are like any other good parents,” she wrote. “They want me to be happy; they’re strict but only because they want the best for me. But most importantly, they really, really love me. So how can someone say that my family isn’t ideal? And what does that even mean?”
The O’Gormans’ children, Safia and Sean, came into their lives when a close friend, Susie, who was terminally ill, asked Colm to be their father. Now he and Paul have legal guardianship of both children.
“I had thought being a parent wasn’t a possibility for me, but the moment Susie asked me would I parent … I knew that I would,” Colm says. “It was an instant, obvious thing. There was no way I wasn’t going to do it.”

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