3 Men Charged With Murdering Same-Sex Couples in Texas

Author: Alex Cooper

Authorities in Texas have charged three men with murder over the shooting of four people in New Summerfield on Monday. The men were allegedly planning to steal a gun from one of the victims under the guise of buying it.

Jesse Pawlowski, 20, Billy Phillips, 37, and Dylan Welch, 21, have been charged, reported the Associated Press. They were arrested Tuesday.

In court documents, authorities said John Clinton, 18, believed he was selling the gun Monday night. Instead, he was shot and killed in a driveway of a residence near New Summerfield, a small community located about 125 miles from Dallas.

Police found Clinton’s mother, Ami Hickey, 39, and Amanda Bain, 39, and a man police say Clinton was in a relationship with, Jeff Gerla, 47, dead from gunshot wounds in a mobile home behind the residence. The mobile home reportedly belonged to Gerla. Hickey and Bain were also in a relationship, according to the news wire.

Pawlowski had told authorities he had a sexual relationship with Clinton and Gerla after meeting them on Grindr, according to affidavits by Texas Ranger Nicholas Castle. Castle, the AP reported, wrote that Pawlowski had been to the home more than once and knew Clinton wanted to sell a gun for $500.

He told authorities that he, Phillips, and Welch planned to steal the gun. However, Pawlowski said Phillips took the gun from Clinton and shot him in the back of the head before shooting the three people inside.

Phillips and Welch told authorities they had nothing to do with the murders, reported the AP.

Pawlowski’s mother said to police that he told her that he had shot three people and Phillips had shot one.

Police said guns, a vehicle, and clothes were stolen from the property.

All three men have had their bond set at $1 million each.

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Author: Alex Cooper


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