21 Male Nudes and Portraits From Nick Mesh

A big collection of breathtaking (and heartbreaking) photographs by Nick Mesh. These are mostly Nick’s friends from the gym and other athletes he hangs with. How he talks them into posing naked we don’t know. However, Nick is quite something — he could be one of his own portraits.The Advocate loves all bodies — men, women, trans of any variety, and we also love our pets. But if you like very disciplined bodybuilders who treat their bodies like works of art, this is the book you want. This sensational photo album is a perfect gift and the best addition to the library of anyone who appreciates the male form and sexuality. Yes, they are all naked.
​The book contains images of full male nudity. All guys in the book are over the age of 18.
Standard Edition and Big Edition contain the same content and differ only in paper, cover type and book dimensions. Premium Release is completed with more original pictures.
Standard Edition (8×10 in, 21×26 cm), 84 pagesHardcover, ImageWrap  $48.99. Softcover  $27.99
You can buy on Blurb, Amazon, or download an E-book, or PDF.
SPECIAL NOTE FROM NICK: “Also you can mention my Private Page where I post the most candid totally uncensored male nudes I can’t post elsewhere. It’s updated daily.And my website where anyone can find something special.”

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Author: Nick Mesh Photography


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