17-Year-Old Suspect Arrested in Killing of O’Shae Sibley, Voguing Gay Man

Author: Alex Cooper

The New York Police Department arrested a suspect in the stabbing death of 28-year-old O’Shae Sibley, local media and a local city council member report.

Sibley was stabbed last weekend at a gas station in Brooklyn. The professional dancer had been with friends voguing to Beyoncé when a group of men confronted Sibley’s group. Eventually, a fight broke out and one man stabbed Sibley. Security cameras captured the incident on video.

The Philadelphia native was pronounced dead after arriving at a local hospital. Authorities are investigating the killing as a possible hate crime. Police had said they were looking for a 17-year-old suspect.

“The suspect in the fatal stabbing of O’Shae Sibley in my district last Saturday night just turned himself in to the [16th Precinct] & is now in their custody. Wishing the family peace during this difficult time & hoping for swift justice & serious consequences for the perpetrator,” council member Inna Vernikov wrote on Twitter.

The Advocate has reached out to the NYPD for comment.

A spokesperson told NBC News that a person of interest was in custody. They added that no charges have been filed against them yet.

Friends of Sibley say he was a talented artist who used his craft to advocate for social change.

Director and choreographer Kemar Jewel told the NY Daily News Oshae had participated in several marches over the years.

“He also volunteered at dance studios to help teach folks,” Jewell recalled. “He volunteered at youth centers and he offered free classes and stuff. He definitely loved to give back.”

“They hated us cause we are gay!” Sibley’s friend Otis Pena posted to Facebook after Sibley’s death. “His name was O’Shae, and you all killed him. You all murdered him right in front of me.”

On Tuesday, Beyoncé’s website read “Rest in Power O’Shea Sibley” in tribute to Sibley.

Sibley was a dancer and was active in the ballroom scene. It’s that exact music and dance scene that inspired Beyoncé’s most recent album Renaissance. The legendary performer even dedicated the album to her late Uncle Johnny, an out gay man. Renaissance also featured a variety of queer producers and creatives on its tracks.

LGBTQ+ rights group GLAAD called out escalating violence against LGBTQ+ people across the U.S. Sibley was around fifth LGBTQ+ person to be killed in recent weeks.

“Sibley’s shocking murder follows a disturbing rise in violence and harassment against LGBTQ people across the U.S. This cannot continue. No one should have to fear for their safety just for being themselves,” the organization said in a statement. “Politicians spewing lies and proposing policies filled with disinformation, and media repeating their false and dangerous rhetoric unchallenged, are creating an incredibly hostile environment that endangers all LGBTQ people and all queer people of color.”

The group’s director of local news for the South said, “There are reports that Sibley was vogueing to a track from Beyonce’s Renaissance album, music from the biggest pop star in the world celebrating Black queer people. O’Shae Sibley had the audacity to live without the restraints of patriarchy and toxic masculinity, embracing freedom and joy. He should still be alive to celebrate all that made him great and inspired others to live their truth.”

A vigil in honor of Sibley is being held on Friday night at the gas station he was killed.

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Author: Alex Cooper

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