15 Thirsty Pics to Celebrate the U.S. Debut of ‘BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! The Book’

Author: Donald Padgett

Aurelio Perplesso © Alessandro Pollio

Aurelio Perplesso © Alessandro Pollio

Boy Radio © Michael Joseph

Brother To Brother © Sean Patrick Watters

Eucharist © David Charles Collins

Joe Pegged © Charles Moriarty

Bastihan (2) © Niv Shank

Legs For Days © Tyler Udall

Narcisuss Dreams with Kyle © The Skinny Type with Cesar Brodermann

Omar Whistles © Luis Venegas

Resting Heads © Michael Søndergaard

Sport & Leisure © Francisco Rosas (1)

Tim & Alexis © Brice

Untitled Scene from Villa T © Yves De Brabander

Vinson I © Kuba Świetlik

With Love From Russia _17 © Vlad Zorin

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Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Donald Padgett

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