13 Nonbinary Icons You Should Know

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Amandla Stenberg, Bella Ramsey, Janelle Monae

From Broadway stars to lawmakers to the leads of hit TV shows, the nonbinary trailblazers on list have boldly claimed the spotlight, bringing visibility to issues of gender nonconformity and speaking out in support of LGBTQ+ rights more broadly.

Emma D’Arcy

Nonbinary actor Emma D’Arcy play Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon, HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel series. They are one of the first nonbinary actors to lead a show of a hit franchise.

Rebecca Sugar

The creator of the queer-inclusive Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar’s nonbinary identity inspired them to create the acclaimed show’s characters in the first place.

“I think a nonbinary lens offers clarity and truth,” Sugar told Entertainment Weekly’s Beyond the Binary Podcast. “This is a way that people have been since people existed. And the reason that it feels like that might not be true is because of all of these different forms of erasure and violence against people who are not conforming to this sort of very rigid idea of ‘male’ and ‘female.’ We see this everywhere through time, all around the world. And I think if that’s not something that you can personally relate to, to not have that perspective somewhere in your life is to really miss out on a massive part of the human experience.”

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Author: Editors

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