12 Photos Celebrating the Earth and the Male Form by Steven Menendez

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Celebrating the Earth and the Male Form in Nature

Award-winning photographer Steven Menendez is wrapping up an exhibition at the SoHo Project Space in New York City. In his latest exhibition “Earth Worship,” Menendez looks to celebrate both the Earth and the male form in various states of bliss.

In a description of the series, which runs until April 8, many of the images’ subjects have their eyes closed. This refers to ancient images and busts of the Buddha.

“In order to know one’s true nature and know heaven, one must close their eyes to worldly things and go within to cultivate the Divine. The images are meant to express the softer and intuitive side of male beauty that is in touch with both the yin and yang of their spiritual and physical expression,” the description reads.

The images were taken by Menendez during his travels to Greece, Hawaii, the Everglades, Fire Island, and other locations.

“Earth Worship” is in honor of Menendez’s friend the artist James Bidgood, who recently passed.

You can follow Menendez’s work on Instagram @steven_menendez_official.

Find out more about the exhibition here.

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Author: Editors


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