11 Queer Chefs to Inspire Your Thanksgiving Hunger

Author: Christopher Wiggins

Queer Chefs Thanksgiving Inspiration

Images: Instagram @anitalonyc; Instagram @chefmelissaking; Instagram @ricardomzarate

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, here are some innovative and inspiring queer chefs we think you should follow and some of their mouth-watering creations. Their unique culinary perspectives and vibrant creativity are showcased, offering a fresh take on traditional Thanksgiving fare. Their passion for food and dedication to their craft is not just about creating delicious dishes but also about fostering inclusivity and representation in the culinary world.

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Susan Feniger

Elizabeth Falkner

Melissa King

Ricardo Zarate

Preeti Mistry

Tiffani Faison

Kristen Kish

Lukas Volger

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Author: Christopher Wiggins

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