10 of the Best Films of Rock Hudson, the Closeted Mid-Century Hollywood Dreamboat

Author: Trudy Ring

The Films That Made Rock Hudson One of the Biggest Mid-Century Stars

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The Mirror Crack’d is worth seeing for the plethora of classic movie stars in the cast. Based on an Agatha Christie novel, it finds an American studio in a small English village making a film about Elizabeth I and Lady Jane Grey — and the film’s leads are rival actresses played by Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Novak. Hudson is along as the husband of Taylor’s character. When a member of the cast is killed by poisoned, it appears Taylor’s Marina Rudd was the intended target — and Miss Jane Marple, played by classic star and future TV sleuth Angela Lansbury, comes in to investigate. Tony Curtis and Geraldine Chaplin turn up too, and it’s all campy fun.

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Author: Trudy Ring

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