10 Incredible Historical Flyers of Gay Men Fighting AIDS Campaign

Author: Jess Reynolds,Christopher Wiggins

Historical Fliers Gay Men Fighting AIDS Campaign

Image Courtesy LGBT HERO

The international fight against HIV and AIDS unified the gay community against a common enemy – a virus.

In England, LGBT Hero, a renowned LGBTQ+ health charity, recently introduced an archive celebrating the influential 30-year history of Gay Men Fighting AIDS (GMFA), its predecessor.

Originating in 1992, GMFA was a groundbreaking initiative established to address the lack of targeted HIV prevention for gay men. The organization harnessed the power and experiences of about 170 volunteers, predominantly from the gay community, to craft impactful sexual health campaigns, according to the archive.

These efforts reached up to 60 percent of the gay population in London.

GMFA’s initiatives extended beyond advocacy, with its magazine, FS, disseminating vital health information, including facts about sexually transmitted infections throughout London’s gay bars and clubs. Moreover, GMFA conducted skill-based workshops for over 10,000 gay men and specialized in health interventions for Black gay men. The group expanded its scope in 2001 after merging with Big Up, a black gay men’s group, evolving into “GMFA – the gay men’s health charity,” with a broader health mission.

LGBT Hero’s CEO, Ian Howley, celebrated the group’s achievements in a statement.

“Over 30 years ago, a group of gay men got together because they felt not enough was being done to stop gay men from dying from HIV and AIDS,” Howley said. “The men had one goal in mind when they set up GMFA, to have a charity that was by gay men, for gay men, talking to gay men in a way they knew would work using language and images that gay men could relate to and knew it was for them.”

Upholding GMFA’s ethos, LGBT HERO continues to support over 100,000 LGBTQ+ individuals monthly. The new archive serves as both a tribute and an educational resource.

Check out these images of HIV and AIDS activism as preserved on the following fliers, encapsulating the remarkable journey and legacy of GMFA.

Original Article on The Advocate
Author: Jess Reynolds,Christopher Wiggins

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