UFC fighter Sean Strickland slammed for ‘homophobic’ jibe about ‘gay son’

Author: Lily Wakefield

Sean Strickland punches Uriah Hall of Jamaica in a middleweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event, 2021. (Zuffa LLC via Getty/ Chris Unger)

Controversial UFC fighter Sean Strickland has declared that if he had a gay son, he would think he had “failed as a man”.

The US mixed martial artist, who competes in the UFC middleweight division, was banned from Instagram earlier this month. He claims it was because he made a “joke about pedophiles dying”.

On Monday (27 December), when a fan asked him on Twitter whether he would “rather have a gay son or a thot daughter”, Strickland responded: “If I had a gay son I would think I failed as a man to create such weakness… If I had a whore for a daughter I’d think she just wanted to be like her dad lol!!”

While Strickland obviously made himself laugh, Twitter users simply described him as “unhinged”.

Gay lawyer Ari Cohn replied: “Hate to break it to you, but you’ve already failed as a man.”

“Man’s head is filled with mashed potatoes and doubts about his sexuality,” wrote another Twitter user.

But Strickland wasn’t finished, and followed up with a bizarre tweet about pronouns and “beta males”.

He wrote: “I have been getting some hate for that gay son joke.

“You beta males need to calm the f**k down, this isn’t your college you’re not going to get laid here by a ‘zir’ or ‘it’ by being a little bitch.

“It’s OK this is a safe place. Untuck your balls you’re allowed to be a ‘he’ here.”

Sean Strickland’s comments about a gay son are the latest in a string of anti-LGBT+ tweets

Just days before he tweeted his “gay son joke”, Sean Strickland decided to try out some more comedy material on Twitter, this time about lesbians.

He tweeted: “Have you guys have ever hit on a lesbian girl before? I have, it’s F**KING HARD.

“What is your BEST pick up line when hitting on a lesbian??? ‘Hey wanna hang, I hate my father too.’

“I have never succeeded to say the least lol! Open for suggestions.”

When one Twitter user asked why he would want to “hit on” a lesbian in the first place, Strickland predictably answered: “Bro you know what’s more fun than one girl?! Two girls.”

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Author: Lily Wakefield


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