Troye Sivan giving ‘main pop girl energy’ in drag for new music video

Author: Ali Condon

Troye Sivan in drag for the "One of Your Girls" music video.

Troye Sivan has gagged fans with his jaw-dropping drag look in the music video for his new single “One Of Your Girls.”

The anticipation for this music video was already sky-high after Sivan teased a special cameo appearance from a shirtless Ross Lynch.

But when the full video finally dropped on Friday morning (13 October), viewers’ jaws were quite literally on the floor, thanks to Sivan’s iconic drag debut.

Not only were fans lucky enough to see the Aussie singer eat and leave no crumbs as an atomic blonde goddess, but they also got to see him dance up on Ross Lynch.

Troye Sivan in drag…. feeling exponentially gay,” one viewer tweeted.

“Troye Sivan giving Ross Lynch a lap dance in drag is so iconic,” wrote a second.

In case you haven’t noticed, Sivan has been slaying the game recently, with unbelievably catchy singles like “Rush” and “Get Me Started” and perfectly choreographed videos to match.

But with this latest video, fans agree that he has officially solidified himself as a main pop girlie.

“It’s giving Britney’s daughter if I do say so myself,” wrote one fan.

Another agreed: “The spirit of Britney Spears possessed @troyesivan on set this day…. it was giving main POP GIRL.”

And a third joked: “Troye Sivan got tired of waiting for the pop girlies to serve like this so he did it instead.”

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Troye told ABC News that he wrote “One Of Your Girls” when he was “crushing super hard” on a “fashion-y art f**k boi who’s beautiful and tall and everywhere all the time.”

He recalled: “I was having this experience with a guy who identifies as straight. I messaged him sort of joking, like, okay let me know if you’re feeling gay on Saturday night.

“But that got me thinking and it came with a lot of introspection. Why am I throwing myself at this person? Why does it feel so validating that they’re interested? At the same time this idea of a sad robot voice came together for the chorus. I’m basically having a conversation with myself.”

The breathtaking video dropped alongside Troye’s third studio album Something To Give Each Other.

Already, the project has received rave reviews, with The Guardian describing it as “one of the year’s most distinctive pop albums” with “Sivan back to his best”.

Similarly, NME, who gave the album five stars, described it as “a rush of pop perfection.”

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Author: Ali Condon

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