The Twitter gays are obsessed with ‘Leather Hun’ Apprentice candidate Amy Anzel

Author: Jonny Yates

The Apprentice candidate, Amy Anzel has become an unlikely gay icon. (PA)

The Apprentice candidate Amy Anzel has become an unlikely gay icon and the new “queen of huns”.

During last week’s episode (20 January), Anzel found herself on the losing team for a challenge which consisted of creating and branding a new non-alcoholic drink.

Fortunately she wasn’t brought back into the final boardroom to face being fired by Lord Sugar, and its her response after the episode aired which has people hailing her as a gay icon.

She tweeted: “Our team might not have won the task but the Twitter gays are on my side and that’s a good enough win for me tbh”.

In the week following the episode, The Apprentice candidate has become an unlikely gay icon, with people calling for her to be a judge on Drag Race UK and even host the main stage at Manchester Pride.

She’s been described as the “new queen of the huns” and a “girlboss”, with Anzel saying she “went to bed a simple Apprentice candidate, woke up a queen of gay twitter… my time has come”.

She’s been joining in with the memes, tweeting to Drag Race UK that she’s “waiting for the call” and posing in a video to RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk”, wearing her boardroom “lewks” so far.

In her social media bios she says she’s an LGBTQ+ ally and she responded to someone asking, “do you love the lesbians too”, saying: “Of course. We stan the entire LGBTQ+ community”.

The Apprentice star’s business is Hollywood Browzer

Anzel is the founder of beauty brand Hollywood Browzer, which sells products for eyebrows and hair removal.

The brand’s popular item is the standalone Hollywood Browzer for £8.95.

The aim of the product is to “never go back to waxing, threading or tweezing” and is used for pain-free hair removal and exfoliation, eyebrow shaping and peach fuzz.

Since its launch the brand has 50,000 Instagram followers and their products are available from Look Fantastic and Amazon.

On the brand’s website her bio reads: “As a former actress, Founder and Creator of The Hollywood Browzer, Amy Anzel, spent hours in makeup trailers and backstage dressing rooms around the world and was constantly exposed to the tips and tricks of various makeup artists and Hollywood celebrities.

“The concept behind The Hollywood Browzer was one of the celebrity favourites that Amy discovered during that time”.

As well as the Hollywood Browzer product, the brand also sells kits, accessories and skincare products.

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Author: Jonny Yates


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