Robert Garcia unleashes inner ‘Real Housewife’ while criticising Trump

Author: Ali Condon

Robert Garcia and Heather Gay

California Democrat Robert Garcia has gone viral online after unleashing his inner Real Housewife while calling out Donald Trump at a House Committee hearing.

Garcia, who was the first openly gay immigrant to be elected to Congress made waves during a House Oversight Committee session on Wednesday (10 January) when he reenacted one of an iconic Real Housewives scene to make his point about the disgraced former president.

The Democrat was taking a page out of reality star Heather Gay’s book, who is responsible for one of the most shocking Real Housewives reveals in recent memory.

California Democrat Robert Garcia
California Democrat Robert Garcia had his Real Housewives moment this week. (X/@Robert Garcia)

Last week, Gay flabbergasted Real Housewives of Saltlake City viewers and earned the franchise its highest viewer ratings since it premiered, when she confronted fellow housewife Monica Garcia and accused her of being the mastermind behind an Instagram troll account that had been tormenting the cast.

When Garcia initially denied the accusation, Gay roared back that she had: “Receipts. Proof. Timeline. Screenshots. F***ing everything to prove that you are a f***ing bully and a f***ing troll.”

It wasn’t long before Gay’s season four finale speech went viral and became a trending sound on TikTok – but no one adapted it quite as well as Garcia.

Garcia had been speaking about a damning report that was published by Democratic lawmakers this week that claimed Trump had received $7.8 million in foreign payments from at least 20 countries during his presidency without Congress’s approval.

“What do we have as Democrats?” began Garcia during the Committee session. “We have receipts, proof, a timeline, screenshots. 

“We have everything we need to prove conclusively that foreign governments were funneling money through Trump Properties and into Donald Trump’s pockets, all in violation of the constitution.”

Garcia’s recreation of the Real Housewives speech went viral shortly after he posted it to X (formerly Twitter), and even caught the attention of Gay herself.

In response, Gay, who reposted the video, informed Garcia: “You forgot the claps.”

The Democrat promised: “Next time!”

By Thursday, the clip had gone so viral that Garcia got shout-outs from Jimmy Kimmel and Bravo’s own Andy Cohen on their respective shows.

Re-posting the shoutout he got a Watch What Happens Live!, Garcia confirmed that he is a longtime Housewives stan.

“I’ve been a @BravoTV gay since the original OC Housewives franchise,” He tweeted.

“Honored to be the first member of Congress to quote a housewife in the congressional record.”

Andy Cohen, if you’re looking for new guests, you know who to call!

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Author: Ali Condon

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