Pundit says conservatives “need to be more homophobic” and do a better job shaming LGBTQ+ people

Author: Molly Sprayregen

During a segment railing on trans inclusion, a pundit at the far-right news network Newsmax declared the world needs more homophobia to stop LGBTQ+ people from gaining rights.

“We need to be more homophobic,” declared Shemeka Michelle, who was identified as a personal empowerment advocate. “We need to take it up a notch because these people have continued to do this because we failed to shame them. We failed to put our feet down and stand tall and say what we believe without the fear of being canceled.”

Michelle also described LGBTQ+ people’s desire to live authentically as a “war between good and evil.”

The conversation on host Eric Bolling’s show initially focused oon transgender Assistant Secretary for Health, Admiral Rachel Levine, and her praise for an Alaskan gender-affirming care clinic using “egg producer” in place of the word “mother.”

The conversation between Bolling, Michelle, and Chris Bedford, Executive Editor for the Common Sense Society, immediately devolved into mocking Levine and the clinic’s inclusion.

“Look at us, this is silly to me…We have put in place people that 20 years ago would have been locked in an insane asylum,” said Michelle, referring to Levine. “We’ve put them in prominent positions to completely confuse our children, and this is just silly. “

Bolling then brought up a common conservative talking point about how Russia and China are busy building their military strength and the U.S. is too busy being inclusive to trans people to focus on military readiness, as if the two were mutually exclusive.

Bedford called the situation “embarrassing” for the country and claimed the “end goal” is to indoctrinate children. He also called being trans a “predatory mental illness.”

The group lamented over the fact that they cannot oppose trans people’s existence without being called bigoted. That’s when Michelle declared it was time for people to turn their homophobia up a notch no matter the consequences.

“If we don’t stand tall, we’re going to lose,” she said.

Actual Story on LGBTQ Nation
Author: Molly Sprayregen

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