Pride Parades Video Collections

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Pride Parades Video Collections

With thanks to several contributors we have compiled a collection of Pride Parade videos. Many are only highlights and do not capture the entirety of the parade. Others are the full parade and come from ShawTV which filmed the parade and presented it live on the Shaw Community Channel. The final one is of the 2018 Pride Parade – the last we have had in Edmonton. This was from Radical Citizen Media and also captures as a separate video with a portion of the Protesters blocking the parade.

All these can be found on our website by using the SEARCH box and entering Pride Parades, by using this list of links or by visiting our YouTube Channel and choosing the “Pride History” Playlist from our menu.

Pride Parades

2001 – Rod McConnell Collection

2002 – Rod McConnell Collection

2003 – Rod McConnell Collection

2003 – Times.10 Magazine Collection

2004 – Rod McConnell Collection

2004 – Times.10 Magazine Collection

2006 – Times.10 Magazine Collection

2007 – Rod McConnell Collection

2008 – Rod McConnell Collection

2009 – Rod McConnell Collection

2009 – Times.10 Magazine Collection

2010 – Rod McConnell Collection

2013 – Rod McConnell Collection

2014 – Rod McConnell Collection

2014 – ShawTV Youtube Channel

2015 – ShawTV Youtube Channel

2016 – ShawTV Youtube Channel

2017 – ShawTV Youtube Channel

2018 – Paula E. Kirman – Radical Citizen

If you have videos of Pride Parades from years we do not have then send us an email to

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