Posie Parker’s political party rejected by electoral commission

Author: Sophie Perry

A political party proposed by gender-critical activist Posie Parker has been rejected by the Electoral Commission. 

Parker, whose real name is Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, is one of the UK’s best-known anti-trans campaigners and has courted controversy for her views on the transgender community, with Nazi groups attending her Let Women Speak events. 

In May, Parker posted on X, previously known as Twitter, that she would be launching the Party of Women. 

She urged her followers to “join me as candidates” as the party intended to “stand in as many UK constituencies and council seats” as possible. 

“This party will be launching in as many countries as possible,” she added. “For the constituency of women, there is the Party of Women.” 

However, earlier this month, the Electoral Commission – the independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK – announced that the application to register the party had been rejected, citing “application incomplete” as the reason. 

The application was rejected “as the party’s constitution and financial scheme were not compliant with the law”, a spokesperson for the commission told PinkNews.

“The constitution did not accurately set out the structure and organisation of the party, and the financial scheme was not properly adopted.” 

Parker told PinkNews: “Like many applications for registration that were rejected on the same day, we were advised how to reapply for the optimum chance of being accepted.” 

She has “no intention of abandoning the women of Great Britain” and will form the Party of Women “as soon as possible”.

Posie Parker to launch second political party

Parker went on to label the trans community a “pernicious cult [where] children are indoctrinated”. 

She has frequently used such language and narratives and has previously compared trans people to sex offenders and serial killers, suggesting that men with guns should use women’s toilets in order to protect them.

Alongside the Party of Women, Parker’s website makes reference to The Other Party, a separate political party that was set to be launched in the spring or summer of 2023. 

“Since 2004 one dangerous legal fiction has gripped our national conversation,” the description for The Other Party reads, which has been taken as a reference to the Gender Recognition Act that came into effect that year. 

“The effect on the truth has had a profound impact on our people. We’re going to make it history.”

The Electoral Commission confirmed it has received an application to register The Other Party but “cannot comment on the progress of ongoing applications, or on the likelihood of an application being approved”. 

Parker confirmed to PinkNews that the Party of Women and the Other Party are separate and latter was “was a holding name for an idea”. 

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Author: Sophie Perry

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