Pastor freaks out & destroys Barbie Dream House with Bible taped to a bat

Author: Daniel Villarreal

Far-right anti-LGBTQ+ pastor Greg Locke is known for staging over-the-top spectacles, including hosting book burnings and re-enactments of Jesus’ crucifixion. One of his latest spectacles involved him destroying a Barbie Dream House playset with a bat wrapped in a Bible.

It’s unclear if Locke specifically destroyed a Barbie Dream House to protest the recent Barbie film. In July, fellow right-wing Christian preacher Kent Christmas asked God to “loose a Holy judgment” on the film because it’s “full of transsexual and transgender and homosexuality.” The film has several queer actors in it, but no explicit LGBTQ+ content.

In February 2022, Locke threatened to expose six witches who allegedly infiltrated his Tennessee church, unless they voluntarily left his congregation.

That same month, he held a book burning outside of Nashville, in which people burned Harry Potter books and Disney products. During the book burning, a gay man threw a Bible in the fire, proclaimed “Hail Satan!” and kissed his same-sex partner before leaving the event.

For Easter in 2021, he decided to “reenact” the crucifixion, setting up a cross outside the church that his son was put on, and dressing up his teen daughter as the Virgin Mary.

Locke has a long history of anti-LGBTQ+ comments. He has said that LGBTQ+ people are “demonic,” “perverted,” and want to “cram it down my kids’ throats.” He also called “transgenderism” “nonsense” and said that LGBTQ+ people are “openly celebrated” and not “persecuted” like Christians.

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Author: Daniel Villarreal

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