Man says there are school shootings because there are litterboxes in schools for furries

Author: LGBTQ Nation

A man at the NRA convention claimed mass shootings are caused by “wokeism” and kids “saying they are a dog or cat in school.”

The man told Jason Selvig (of the liberal pranksters The Good Liars) that stopping the liberal “woke” agenda is the best start to ending mass shootings.

He went on to try to convince Selvig that the transphobic-fueled rumors about litter boxes in schools to appease kids identifying as furries are absolutely true, despite schools vehemently denying it and no evidence that it has happened anywhere.

The man could not be convinced, even when Selvig read him a statement from a school administrator declaring the rumors as “simply and emphatically not true.”

“According to them,” the man said skeptically, claiming he had heard otherwise.

Republicans continue to demonize LGBTQ+ people and focus their legislative efforts on banning books, drag shows, and gender-affirming care, as well as restricting other rights of marginalized groups. They also oppose gun control legislation.

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Author: LGBTQ Nation


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