Lauren Boebert to run in redder district in 2024

Author: Chantelle Billson

Lauren Boebert in front of a US flag

Right-wing congresswoman Lauren Boebert has announced that she will be running in a redder district in the hope of increasing her chances of winning in 2024.

Taking to social media on Wednesday (27 December), Boebert, who won by less than 550 last year, shared that she will be running in the 4th – on the other side of the state – due to it being far more favourable to Republicans.

Boebert, who currently represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, said of her decision: “It’s the right move for me personally, and it’s the right decision for those who support our Conservative movement. This is the right move for Colorado, for us.” 

She added: “I promised I will do whatever it takes to stop the socialists and communists from taking over our country. That means staying in the fight.” 

“I did not arrive at this decision easily. A lot of prayer, a lot of tough conversations and a lot of perspective convinced me that this is the best way I can continue to fight for Colorado, for the conservative movement and for my children’s future.”

“I will not allow dark money that is directed at destroying me personally to steal this seat. It’s not fair to the 3rd district and the conservatives there who have fought so hard for our victories.”

Boebert said “this announcement is a fresh start following a pretty difficult year for me and my family.”

Her announcement follows her being infamously booted from a local theatre production of Beetlejuice for vaping and “causing a disturbance”.

Bobert disputed the claims made against her at first, she eventually had no choice but to issue an apology when footage of the incident was released, blaming her behaviour on her ongoing divorce proceedings.

According to finance filings, Boebert also splashed more than $300 in campaign funding on a night out at the gay-friendly Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen, despite her anti-drag stance.

The Colorado Sun reported that Boebert, who has faced immense backlash for her anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, pro-gun stance and for being a mainstream voice disparaging the lives of queer and trans people, has struggled to fundraise following the Beetlejuice scandal. 

It follows Boebert’s narrow victory in 2022 which saw her win by just 546 votes, almost losing to Democratic candidate Adam Frish, who, according to Colorado Public Radio has been out fundraising Boebert. 

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Author: Chantelle Billson

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